Khadry Galil

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In 2015 July; Western University has featured a list entitled 51 Firsts - Research Western I am very humbled that I am with researchers I idealized like Sir Fredrick Banting discoverer of Insulin Nobel prize winner and listed as #1 on the list and #2 person on the list is my former professor and later on a colleague Dr. Murray Barr He is the discoverer of the Barr body(Sex Chromatin) . I am #17 on the list quoted as follows ">. ". “During the 1980s, a team led by Khadry Galil promoted, advanced and expanded a surgical glue from a liquid worldwide for everything from emergency medicine and blocking aneurysms, to clamping large blood vessels and periodontology”


univeresity of western
london, Ontario, Canada
DDS,D.Oral &Maxfac Surg,FAGD,FADI.,PhD,Cert.Periodontist
periodntics,enamel,cyano acrylate ,acid etching
Dissertation: SEM of 3dimensioanl analysis of human teeth
Advisor: dr John Gwinnett.. dicoverer of acid etching of enamel